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Featuring the look and sounds of the 1960’s British Invasion era, UnionJack takes you back to the days of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Hollies, Searchers and the many others that followed these great groups. A five-piece band, UnionJack was one of Western Mass’ original “tribute” bands formed in 1979. After years of performing with other bands, UJ’s members reformed in 2002. The current lineup features: Gary Wilkinson of Belchertown, (guitar, vocals), Dave Lempke, (Holyoke), (drums, vocals), Jim Brown , (South Hadley), (guitar, vocals), Peter Schindelman, (W. Springfield) (bass, vocals), and Greg Mitchell, (N. Adams) (Keyboards, vocals)..

Wilkinson’s lead vocals on classic Beatles’ tunes have always been the band’s strength, along with some great material and more than a little bit of humor. UnionJack follows the history of the British Invasion from the early days of “Beatlemania” through the end of the decade. In addition to those mentioned above UnionJack also features tunes by the Yardbirds, Badfinger, Dave Clark 5, and many others. The band also performs an “American Graffiti” set, featuring music from “American Artists” popular during the same period; the Monkees, Credence Clearwater Revival, Grass Roots, Rascals, Neil Diamond, and many others. UnionJack has had the pleasure over the years of being the opening act for: Bo Diddley, The Fifth Dimension, The Band, The Commodores, The Wilkinsons, Ritchie Havens, and many others.

The bottom line is that this band is fun to listen to!




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